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Call of the Wild

Organize to Save America's Wolves

The Trump administration is gearing up to strip protection from nearly every wolf in the lower 48 states.

It will be a devastating blow to one of America’s most iconic species — returning to the days when wolves were shot on sight, killed in traps and relentlessly persecuted. Members of Congress, and even some states, are also gunning for wolves.

We’re fighting back with Call of the Wild, a national grassroots campaign to save America’s wolves, first and foremost by stopping the Trump administration from ending wolf protections from coast to coast.

By joining this campaign, you will:

  • Learn about the Call of the Wild campaign;
  • Connect with others across the country who love wolves;
  • Take action to fight for wolves.

The wolves need you. Sign up now to find out how you can participate in this grassroots effort.

Learn more about the Center’s fight to save wolves.

Join The Movement

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    1. Send a Letter to Trump

    Tell Trump in your own words to save our wolves.

    Add Your Name

    2. Gather Comments to Protect Wolves

    Everything you need to go into your community and start organizing.

    Learn More

    3. Plan a "Wild for Wolves" Meetup

    Host a gathering to build power with other wolf-lovers.

    Learn More

    Get up to speed on the fight for wolves.

    Just joining us? Check out the video page for video of the campaign kickoff call, and recordings from the Leader of the Pack training series.

    Download images for signs and posters.

    Check out these campaign graphics and images for use on handheld signs, posters, and banners. You can even make cardboard cut-out wolf masks!

    Find events near you.

    Join the Conversation on Slack
    Talk to other activists working to protect wolves in the Call of the Wild campaign by joining us on Slack, a free chat tool.
    Learn More

    Power the Campaign for Wolves
    Donate to the Center for Biological Diversity’s fight to save America’s wolves – or start your own fundraiser and reach out to family and friends to support your efforts.


    Ignite Change is partnering in this campaign with the Endangered Species Coalition and Howling For Wolves.

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